During the year 2004 this album was downloaded more than 1000 times.

Be-be-beep, be - be - beep !!! (Pone rings)
- Hello ?
- Hi, Pierre !
- Hello, Tom, how are you ?
- I just finished the feedback of your album.
- Hmmm, let me see this.
- Right, read it...

''Let The Sun Shine'' by Cyborg Jeff, t-tracker's official review
for the internet, or any other media and publication:

- breathtaking female/male vocals
- nice lyrics
- magic melodies and rhythms
- deep-emotion instrumentals
- creative arangements
- wonderful remixes
- proffesional soundeffects
- C=64 music
- mobile ringtones


Is any of your music passions listed above? Or all of them!?
Then get the album, and enjoy this unique music collection. RIGHT NOW!

t-tracker, 17.Jan.2004.



Ok, this was official review, and now just private, detailed,
track by track. With many questions and other thoughts:

1. let the sun shine

The only one song with male vocal. Is this you, Pierre, singing?
Vocal goes excelent together with the instrumental, that is
known to me from before. Why lyrics are not included in zip?
I'm lucky to have them from the tracked version (.IT module)

11. let the sun shine 'lb's nuskool mix' 

Style and the rhythm are away from the average sound
on this album. But this is good, because of dissimilarity.
Idea is ok, but the vocal is mixed in a bit too quiet.
So I feel that remixing dominates over main theme
presented by vocal...

16. l'amour est un soleil 'cj's homing mix' 

Original from Helene Segara? Who is that?
Astrid & Athena - combination of vocals - yeah!
Very catchy melody. Good work on this song.
Don't understand lyrics. Something as, the love is sun?

2. l'amour est un soleil 'cybdream vocal mix'

Better version, with better arangement. More pleasure!
On 3:42 goes interesting efect - chordal modulation of vocal.
The one, that I never understood completely, or successfully
done in my work. Is that ''convolution'' in Cool Edit Pro,
or something else? Please for explanation and help!! 

6. l'amour est un soleil 'general trance mix'
Genious trance edit, arangement with hypnotising effect.
Unfortunately, vocals are removed...

5. perfection

Just quote myself from 12.May.2003.
''So, starting with the title, it's all said in the beginning.
Whole song is well aranged with electronical elements & sounds,
rhythms are nicely built with single samples and drumloops too,
magic ready-to-use chord-samples give much to the ambience,
in combination with catchy guitar melodies and echoes.
Bass is so simple and so beautiful. STEREO output so real and active...
Really, I listened this piece over hour of time, in loop-mode,
finishing all other tasks on my PC, smiling, losing breath,
sweating, and truely feeling some deep emotins, remembering
those good old times, when I tracked such music on my own too...
Pierre, thank U for telling me about this track. I feel so happy!''
End of quote...

10. perfection 'gdream club mix 

Typically for GDream, creativity and uniqueness in rising
of electronic-ambiental emotions. I approve!

3. i want 

I miss lyrics again. Nice picture on cover!
(IWantFinal-CDCover copy).
Miranda's vocal attracts maximal attention.
Definitely, it's the best vocal on the whole album.
I'd like you to send me Miranda's picture to e-mail.
Maybe, watching it, and listening to this song,
I can get even more of this sound experience?!?!
Have you composed Miranda's part? It's so cool!
Melody that goes after her part is outstanding... 

4. need 2 see u back

Probably the best instrumental in this collection.
I don't understand meaning of ''vs'' in title.
Original is from DJ Ype?? Then this is remix??
Idea with part called ''c64 remix'' is astronomic!! Bravo!
Let there be known, how all this started, 20 years ago!! 

7. rêve en général 

Interesting usage of accordeon instrument. Nice melody!
At the end, simulation of the same ringtone, reminds me
on your track ''Crazy GSM Symphony''...

8. j'envoie valser 

As it's written, Athena is Jessica. And Jessica is your
girlfriend, if I remember, right?!
In this song vocal dominates with its melody. Is this
some kind of ballad? It's on french, so I don't understand...
Just as ''let the sun shine - lb's nuskool mix'', this is
unique song on this album, with style and also beautiful melody.
And shortest one. Done with interesting, modernised 3/4 rhythm.

9. web@love.you

Excellent instrumental, right after ''need 2 see u back''!!
Too long lasting, much of repetitions.

12. flood of energy 

Average instrumental. Inserted simulation of ringtone
melody in the middle of the song. Very good to attract
listeners attention...


Tom, t-tracker