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Yeah year 2006 have just started, and I finally finished my new album.

Before your start download it, you must know that, as the other one, this album is not just few MP3s to download but a conceptual multimedia, so that's why I prefer you enter into this website, discover draws, cover and all the work I did with it :)

Anyway last year I've taken two decisions : learn guitar and Macromedia Flash,.. first was not a great succes, and I don't have learn second, so for now I still work with animated gif,.. I know this visual section of the album already takes 15mo and really need a good connexion (but download files takes you 100mo !)

So asap the 15mo of visuals will be preloaded, you'll automaticly redirected to Just A Smile website, anyway if you prefer continue right now, maybe without all animations, click here

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