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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : I Want (MP3|IT)
Authors : E-Motion (Pierre Martin-Didier Rombauts-Miranda Ummels)
Date : septembre 1998
Version : 'original vocal version'
Software : Impulse Tracker II
Hardware : Cyrix 166mhz 32mo RAM, studio d'enregistrement (Alciane / Vanoid)
Production : Creative Sound Studio / Quéna Arèdje

Some Cyborg Jeff's addict sure remember the song I Want version 2003 that we could find in the album «Let the sun shine», In fact I Want was written five years before ! I was just after having recorded «Feeling» (track 15),.. Didier and I would like to quickly strike and prepare a second song for the team E-Motion. We take contact with girl to sing through a announce, and there was the incredible voice of Miranda Ummels that will professionaly support our work. But once again, this song stay lost in stand by, waiting a support of editors, I just release the «Deep Impact» version in the album «Last trip on my ship» and you should wait 2003, the moment I give it a second life with the trance version.

1998 : samples tirés de Capella, Turn Up The Bass et Twenty 4 Seven. Nouvelles techniques de Stéréo inspiérées de l’article paru dans le PC Team. Coucou à Tbob, Tog, Rudy, Vi, Titi, Parmy, Pype, Pierrick, François, Hunter, Mano, Carine, Jedd, Kriss, Alain-Gilles.

Couplet 1 : I cry, u said me goodbye
                 Tears run down from my eyes
                 Tears fall down to the ground

Refrain :    I Want to have another chance
                 I Want to be with you again

Couplet 2 : Tonight, I’ll be alone
                 You won’t come and sleep by my side
                 You won’t let ringing the phone.

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006