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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : Let the sun shine (MP3|IT)
Authors : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
Date : décembre 2002
Version : 'original'
Software : Impulse Tracker II
Hardware : AMD 1800+ 512mo RAM (Prilibel)
Production : Creadream Label

After album sounding more pop-variety, Cyborg Jeff decide to prepare for the end of the year 2003 an Dance/Trance album the most professionnal possible, and the title will be «Let the sun shine». A track that had the ambition to be also sung in japanese, by a japanase girl with the help of Bpoint, and also to be included in a movie clip… Maybe too much, anyway the collaboration with K93 for the cover of the album, will be a success. Abouth the music, it's a flying track inspirated from the sounds of the french talentuous musician «Gdream» and about the lyrics, it is a story about a neofuturist world not so fun. The melody of this song will inspirate some other musicians especially for the album «CJ's World Remix» where we'll find a popsoft version realised by Genetic Gemini and a DnB version realised by Little Bitchard. I also do one in the end of 2003,the Xmas Jam version for one of the Boué Team game.

2002 : Samples tirés de Gdream, mon Yamaha DJX et Roland E68, Maf… Ce titre a été écrit pour Jessica Thirion mais aussi pour Gdream et K93. Et oui, retour à mes amours, la dance music,.. et ce parceque j’ai décidé de préparer un nouvel album dance avec l’aide de K93 pour le style, le graphisme et peut-être quelques morceaux. Gasp ! il faut que je réalise avec lui un clip vidéo d’animation.. alors au boulot ! Grand merci à Gdream, comme tu peux le voir j’utilise souvent des sons à toi.

Couplet 1 : Downtown life, that’s not easy
                 People die on croner streets
                 She must sell a part of her
                 If she wants to eat a piece of bread

Couplet 2 : There’s no rule in downtown life
                 People from uptown prefer don’t care
                 Why god had left them
                 Here she wants to fight for a piece of breath

Refrain :    Open your eyes, look at the sky
                 Clouds are floating, let the sun shine
                 Let the sun shine

Couplet 3 : She hope one day, she’s the one
                 An uptown boy make her his wife
                 Cause there women can’t give us child
                 All the night she prays and she cry

Couplet 4 : Fat Grey clouds have stop to rain
                 There’s a light perhpas the sunshine
                 People from downtown scream to this flight
                 This young boy show her, she’s the one.

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006