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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : Just imagine (MP3|magazine4.BMX)
Authors : cyborgjeff feat. Mindbenders (Pierre Martin-Marc Lavoine-Mindbenders)
Date : january 2006
Version : 'deviation & vocalization'
Softwares : Jeskola Buzz Tracker, Intuitive MX
Hardware : P4 3.0ghz 1go RAM, Micro (ordi.com)
Production : Furycords / Trackers@Work / Deviance

2005 will be a year that finally let me hear ęcommercialĽ artist that write something different. Since few years I have difficulties to be addicted to actual commercial music, but the new album of Marc Lavoine succed in this taks. So in the end of 2005, I decide to rebuild ęVogue le magasineĽ in a chiptune version. And in the beginning of the year 2006, during I finalise the album ęJust A SmileĽ I find back a sound file about a promotionnal tape for the mythic Commodore 64. A first mix from this two concept will be created, then I write and sing vocals about a intersting subject... video games !

Couplet 1 : Itís not for the graphic of command & conquer
                 No need to add RAM on my computer
                 Nor for the posters of Resident Evil
                 I donít want a room like in Silent Hill

Couplet 2 : Itís not for Lara, and it is not for Croft
                 And please not for Mircosoft
                 Nor Devil May Cry and Megaman
                 Or an emulation of Super Mario Land

Pont : Itís for this old C Sixty Four

Refrain : That i cutted the photos in all those magazine
              That i cutted the photos now iím programming
              I cutted the photos in all those magazine
              Cut and paste it those photos and just now imagine
              Imagine, Imagine Old sounds i imagine
              Like Chris Just imagine

Couplet 3 : Itís just for Jet Set Willy and Giana Sister
                 Also Martin Galway and his Green Beret
                 Itís for the special Warhawk from Chris Huelsbeck
                 For Last Ninja, Frogger and the Joystick

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006