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Why ?

mai 28, 2008 - 2:36 2 Comments
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Goddess in my hands ‘C-Party mix’
(Martin) 05/2008

aichHmm why did i have named my CD “Goddess in my hand” ?

I came first from a song titled : Goddess in my HandS, it’s only when i saw the first cover project from Invice that change my hands in my hand.

Two years ago, in may 2006, i began to have strange feeling and  in my hands as i had to limit my time behind a computer. Doctor will not find causes of that. A june day, it became better and i was able to write a new song…

It seems to be a carence of magnesium du to stress periods. Anyway it strange that it came back few days ago…

 cyborgjeff - goddess in my hand 'c-party mix': Play Now | Play in Popup