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K93 released

mai 27, 2008 - 4:24 Comments Off
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Je suis Plug & Play ‘Kstle mix’ (remixed by K93)
(Martin-Martin-Kossouho) 08/2006-05/2008
piste 12

There are long months, dear K93 (Steeve Kossouho) let me hear 2 remix ideas of Plug & Play… that he finally not continue. The album reported again, i decided to propose him to continue this project, cause i tought there were lot of potential… He finally release it !.

“an .IT that would be a Hit !”
So, well, it’s big, big, big honnor to be in a cyborgjeff’s album. I should may be said that it’s a child’s dream realised (lol).
It bebun in 1999 when i discover Cyborgjeff’s music, and i stay scotched to this year after years.
It becam a model for me, especially cause he targeted to create music for video games.
In 2002, i met him through the Web, and i will not be surpised this guy was so kwel (may too much !). As if he had so many things to do, he used the max of his free time to creat musics and he’s also the one who like my illustrations. No price for that haha !
Back to this song, i re-listen to it randomly in september 2007 and it flash to me that it’s excellent, inspirated from Bob Sinclar professionnal and cyborgjeff sounding. (So  i also recommande you to listen to all his albums from Divagation to Just a Smile, it’s full of fun.)
I told me “Hey, i see that song in another point of vue”, and i launch quickly a short track and a second one, may be too much agressive and that will not render correctly the voices.
But i let it in corner of my head, psychologicaly it was hard to find something good enough to finish it !.
CJ talk me a lot about finishing this, so catch all powers and close myself 2 days…
So, i hope you like it as all the album…

As TV Show, hello to KrisKa, Teddy, Fred, Scarf, Floflo, Guillaume, Wilman, Sonny, Cindy, Greg, Samy, Mat, Phong. 

 K93 vs cyborgjeff - je suis plug & play 'kstyle mix': Play Now | Play in Popup