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Submitted Date:  2006/1/4
date : 03-01-2006
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
album/project/game : Just a Smile
info : trance remix of Donkey Kong Country 2 song
original comments :
Well.. there are more than One year that i've made and posted remix of video games.. not that i don't want to do.. but i've switched from my old Impulse Tracker (running under MS Dos) to Buzz Tracker.. so i need time to learn and try ;p

In few days i'll launch my new album "Just a smile" and i decided to realise a video game mix to include in it. So i've choose the forest theme of Donkey Kong Country 2 that i've heard in some other remix this year, and that have an intersting melody.

so here is.. concept of the album is turning under theme of "Miss Eskimo" and her "Sound Palette"... so that's why it called Boreal Forest,.. and sounds like this ;p

so.. if u like this remix.. may be u'll like my forcoming album .. then stay tuned on http://cyborgjeff.untergrund.net in few days..

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