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cyb0rgjeff 2004/4/23
And one new CD Album from Cyborg Jeff,... this is number 6 called Together n I... why cause here again CJ tryed to collaborate with lot of person : Valentin Boigelot (Tbob), Sylvain Martin (Pype), Patrice Graillet, Vyva & Mickaël, Thierry Dubois, Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Eglantine Nicolas,...

Edited by Studio 33
Produced by Creadream Sound Studio and IMECOm
Coproduced by PPP Team and X-Gravity Division
Cover by Cyborg Jeff

cyb0rgjeff 2004/4/23
Here is the 5th Cyborg Jeff's CD Album... This one was the first using the brand new Stereo effect... and so really sounds better than just a soundtrack player! In front of the classic Dance, Techno and New Age style of music, Cyborg Jeff tryed to propose there Pop song.. especially with his guitarist Thierry Dubois... We also find song realised with Valentin Boigelot (Tbob), Sebastien Valenti, Sylvain Martin (Pype), Marie Martin, Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Didier Rombauts (DJ Emphasis) and Miranda Ummels.

Edited by Studio 33
Produced by Creative Sound Studio, IMECOm and Quena Sound
Cover realised by Cyborg Jeff

cyb0rgjeff 2004/4/22
New CD Album from Cyborg Jeff and Tbob. Always with Impulse Tracker, this new album include this time vocal dance track...
Cyborg Jeff and Tbob have worked with Pype, Thierry Dubois, Vivien Vanoirbeek (V-Drums),.. and especially with Didier and André Rombauts for the production of the main track "Viens Au Soleil".

edited by Creative Sound Studio Chênée
produced by Creative Sound Studio
covers by Cyborg Jeff

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