Tag’s cloud

Many months i’m thinking to rework on cyborgjeff’s website ! I don’t realy have time for now, cause i don’t know exactly wich tool i will use. If i’ll change it or re-program some Xoops modules. Anyway i’m configuring a Tag addons.

For now, results when you click on tags are not intersting, first cause it’s just target to News stuff and not download one, and also cause i should work on design.

About Design, i should work on all the aspect, for now, reading text on the website are not funny, it’s realy too small !! So i should reworked CSS and template.

About the download, i’m working to propose Streaming preview,.. but i should also adapt tag on it, and be able to easely correct date !

The albums sections (an old module) began to be unusable, so i should rethink to to present this section.

Maybe should i also upgrade the “content” section.. Lot of work, probablly for 2008.. anyway, don’t be astonished if you find new tools, and if they don’t really work good for now ;p

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