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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : U wanna dance (with the DJ) (MP3|IT)
Author : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
Date : mai 1998
Version : 'album version' juillet 1998
Software : Impulse Tracker II
Hardware : Cyrix 166mhz 32mo RAM, tascam 4 pistes, petit micro
Production : Creative Sound Studio / IMECOm

In the mood of «2 Unlimited» and «Let me see the sky» (track 17), this new dance song is more and more developping my technical competences with this new computer and the use of Stereo  for more personnal rendering. About lyrics, there is first using of a sample from 95 techno song and the text made in cyborgjeff to let remember Pump it up from Confetti's a New Beat belgian team. The «album» version will be re-arranged with my friend Valentin and takes part of the two first versions realised in may, all for the album «Eyes Dreams» .

1998 : Yeah, enfin un nouveau petit morceau de dance chanté en mod… 4 mois d’attente,.. enfin ca valait la peine d’attendre. Dédicassé tout spécialement à Carine. Coucou à Tbob et Tog, KLR, Pypein et Pierrick… Pfiuh malin que je suis, voilà que j’efface ce mod à peine terminé.. du coup bein il fallut tout refaire… mais bon voilà !

Refrain : U wanna sing
             And u wanna dance
             Give me strange feeling
             Make my soul in trance

Couplet : Dance the night
              Dance the night away
              Feel the vibe
              I’m your best Deejay

Gimmick : If u claps your hands
               I’ll give you dance
               U could make some noise
               U know that I enjoy !

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006