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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : Let me see the sky (MP3|IT)
Author : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
Date : décembre 1997
Version : 'original'
Software : Impulse Tracker II
Hardware : Cyrix 166mhz 32mo RAM, tascam 4 pistes, petit micro (Alciane / Vanoid)
Production : Creative Sound Studio / Xperimental Association from LLN

Always in Dance music vain, «Let me see the sky» was written and realised in Cyborg Jeff's kot, at Louvain La Neuve. It was my first song letting me test my new multitrack Tascam and letting me be able to sing different voices. I take pleasure to do that, giving to the song some Pavorotti's styles… In fact it's a direct inspiration from the live performance of Luc Baïwir that I've seen few month ago that inspired me for my new tracks. About lyrics, it is realy basic,… «Come with me, come in another story…» At this time, I should just and only see my girlfriend once per month. So, hopefuly the melody give a good base to the song that we could find in the album «Esperenza» in the beginning of the year 1998 . You maybe also recognise the organ bass sounding like «Robin S.- Show me love», that since 1993 have inspirated me.

Couplet 1 : Let me see your eyes
                 Oh please don’t be shy, baby
                 Let me see the sky
                 Oh please let me fly, baby

Refrain : Come with me
              Come in another stories
              Follow me
              Follow the marks of your dreams

Couplet 2 : You’re my energy
                 Simply my sunshine, baby
                 Let me see the sky
                 Oh please let me fly, baby

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006