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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : Miss Eskimo (MP3|eskimo.BMX)
Author : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
Date : augustus 2005
Version : 'kshock original'
Softwares : Jeskola Buzz Tracker, Intuitive MX
Hardware : Pentium 4 3.0ghz 1go RAM, micro (ordi.com)
Production : Furycords / Trackers@Work

If year 2003 was really productive, the next one will be not so good for different reasons : working full time, buying a house and an new computer with Windows XP. Cyborg Jeff should say bye to his fellow Impulse Tracker whos still running under MS-DOS !!! The swap to Buzz will be done slowy current end of year 2004, with a medium quality album «Popbuster» and the preparation of the next one, where Miss Eskimo will be the key song! All begins during a chat with K93 to speak about the realisation of the cover of «A smile on your face» (track 4) and then we begin to funny speak about a Miss Eskimo... Then I quickly jump to my Yamaha to invent this title. It's the right moment to show them all that CiJi still be able to write good dance hit as they like ! With a smooth smelt of Elwood... About lyrics, it is a story about a Miss Eskimo that was bored by his man cause he spents to much time by fishing and playing video games with his friends Ice bear, So she decide to let him clean up the igloo and goes to the sun of Ibiza.. Seams real life ;)

Couplet 1 : Far away, in north of Alaska
                 There's a small town in the blizzard..
                 An inuit girl, is really disapointed
                 Cause her man, once again is failed..

                 All the days, he fishes or he playes
                 And she needs to prepare meal.
                 She's bored, stupid Alaska,
                 She wants to fly to Ibiza.

Refrain :     Miss Eskimo, is on holyday,
                  No more snow and no more rain
                  Miss Eskimo is on holyday,
                 She will dancing all the night, yeahyeah.
                 summer sunshine everydaty, yeahyeah

Couplet 2 : Far away, from north of Alaska
                 Under the sun of Ibiza.
                 An inuit girl, lying on the beach
                 And an ice bear drinking ice peach.

                 Linux the pingouin and mister Eskimo
                 Have now to clean the igloo.
                 She wears sun glasses, and a pink swimsuite,
                 As if the jet set, no wear coat skins.

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006