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We want more... cyborgjeff
Title : Playin' gamez (MP3|IT)
Authors : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
Date : juin 2003
Version : 'original'
Software : Impulse Tracker II
Hardware : AMD 1800+ 512mo RAM (Prilibel)
Production : Creadream Multimedia / The Skulls

Year 2003 is absolutly a good year for Cyborg Jeff, after two poor years in production, my new job in half time at the university of Liège let me lot of free time the afternoon, during my darling is working, So collaborations grow up, first with Arcallians to realize the Chevalier Noir, then with Boué Team for the music of the future games, then I try an introduction in the underground scene, producing some tracks for «The Skulls» team who realise intros for the Xbox. This song will be the most know and the prefered one from the Nectarine's addicts , the 100% scenemusic radio.

2003 : Retour sur la scene ! merci à Gdream, car encore une fois tu m’as fortement inspiré. Les samples sont nottament tirés de Beni Bennassi et Troubadour Interactif. Un coucou à Codasm, Athena, Gdream, Pierrick, Tbob, Monlee, toad, K93, Nite, Nightflowers, Beat, BPoint, Genetic Gemini, Maf, Strike, Equinox, X, Iarwain, Gandalf, Shinobi, Zebuon, Yes, ImEx, Valerian, Itaki Teams, Makke, KurtZ, Little Bitchard, Gino. Actuellement je réalise des musiques pour Creadream Label, PPP Team software, Game Project, Boué Team, Itaki et The Skulls.

Couplet 1 : Remember my first age Fifty years ago
                 I played Giana sister On my C sixty four
                 Called Piet the cracker boy And sharing al my disks
                 Now year have passed And game’s producer won’t take a risk

Gimmick :  50 dollars to buy a game The one you just playin’ 3 times
                 500 dollars to type a text Lot of money for mister Gates

Refrain :    Hum, i prefer playin’ gamez, searching for warez
                 I prefer makin’ music without any royalities

Couplet 2 : There are so many bad games But it’s hard to make his own
                 As Tiwak who must now find someone

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006