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We want more... cyborgjeff
Your time is invaluable, so why waste it here?

Maybe cause a few weeks ago, or a few years, you've one day heard about
«cyborgjeff». Some of you know me in real life since long time ago and some other one have discovered cyborgjeff at the time of his arrival in demoscene and Nectarine communauty,... or perhaps a little later when he attacked OCRemix and VGmix, the videogame OST remix communauty... or via Trackers@Work, N-Zone New Formation, Boué Team... and finally perhaps due to the Daerden's effect.

I'm really proud to celebrate the 10 years of music of cyborgjeff, who made his appaearance at the beginning of the year 1996... I've longly think about that and I've finally choose to
«just» propose you this «FAN» album with 1,6% from what I've written in 10 years, so it was really hard to choose songs. There are for you hears but also lot of things to read about all this road, just choose where you want to start.

So, if you are busy, no problem, all of this is just for

MP3 files shouldn't give you problems to be read, about the source files (said module) .IT .XM .S3M et .MOD, vous could read it with software as
WINAMP or XMPLAY. I don't have linked the source files .BMX cause they need a too complex software installation. 

copyrighted furycords/cyborgjeff 1995-2006