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  1. Hello CyborgJeff,

    I recently completed my Freeware hot-seat multiplayer Asteroids-style game (for Windows & possibly Linux) with elements from other games (space war, bomberman, choplifter), made with Unity. The problem is that my brother – who originally made the music for it – didn’t want to include his music at the last moment… So now I am in a need for a new soundtrack (in MP3 format).

    I heard your Asteroid Rave party and I thought it was pretty good stuff. I would like to release my game soon and because this game is going to be Freeware, I wish if I could make use of some of your music for free.

    The game has 5 worlds and it loops after that. The music would be the same in the battle modes. It has an intro song, a song for the shop and a song for the hi-score input. I already will be quite happy if I could get an intro and an ingame song though.

    It is not released already, but you can grasp the beta at:

    If you have the time and would like to help me out I would ask if you would please look into it.

    Looking forward to your answer.
    Manuel vd Avoird (M.A. Games)

  2. Hello,
    First of all, let me tell you that I love your music. Seriously, you did a great job :).
    You know, I’m trying to make a VN game, non commercial (I mean, it’s just an entertainment) and I want to use some of your tracks on it. Of course I will give you credits, but I was wondering if I can make shorter some pieces. You see, in the license it says I can’t alter the track, but I need to make it shorter some times. So I wonder if you would let me do it or not. If your answer it’s no, there is no problem, I can use the complete track in other part of de game :). Anyway, I just wanna make sure you were agree or not with my intention and ask for your permission to do so.

    P.S: I will let you know when I finish the game so you can see it :3


  3. Hello,

    Let me introduce beMYsound : a new music licensing website, a royalty-free music library for professionals.
    We are looking for new composers from all over the world.
    If you wish to know more, just go to our artists’ corner to subscribe and upload your music.

    Thank you for your attention, and I hope see you soon !

    Cécile – beMYsound

    1. Bonjour Nago, effectivement Paddock Theme n’est pas encore ré-encodé dans la base de donnée (J’ai encore beaucoup de travail !). Je t’envoie par email, un lien vers l’album “Past Present Future” où il se trouve. A moins que ce ne soit la version .IT que tu recherches ?

    1. Dunno well #AtariST restriction, but that Cube rotation in 50hz is impressive. For sure, i’m also realy like that YM conversion of my tune “Love Potion Level 4” :)), choosing that song is a good idea as it was a song realy linked to shortness.
      Great Job tIn/newline and Xia !

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