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This new album, may be the longuer to finish, wouldn’t be so good without the precious help of Didier Rombauts that i joined in Studio !

Also thanks to Invice for the illustration.

Thanks to Sabrina ‘Sabry’Z’ Santoro and Jessica Martin for their respective interpretation.

This album is once again realised with Jeskola Buzz Tracker on a computer from

For inspiration, thanks to : Giuseppe ‘Jo Kung Fu’ Saldi, Michel Daerden, Fred Baker, Rob Hubbard, Chris Huëlsbeck, Haddaway, Daddy DJ, Pakito, David Vendetta, GDream, BBE, Tom Snare, Bass Hunter, Cascada, Lasgo, Transformers, White Sensation, La BD “Les Geeks”.

A good Tracker works with his own “samples”, I made mine from songs of : Antares, Cyber Desire, Felix, Kinetic Power, Pakito, Acapulco, 666, Medusa, Armin Van Buuren, Ayu, David Guetta, Vengaboy, Cascada, Pierrick Hansen, Transformers The Movies, Transformers Anime Serie, Benni Benassi, Jaydee, les interviews de Michel Daerden sur RTC et RTL-TVI, Ian Van Dahl, Ricobass, Kevin Spencer, Ron Van Beucken, Spoot, Pussy Cat Doll, David Vendetta, Royal Gigolo, Edzes, Sprit & Crane, Mr Skillz, Mednezz, Nomandlands, Metropolis, Scooter, New Super Mario Bros, Starwars, Pacman.

And finally thanks again for the people who help and motivate myself…

Didier Rombauts, Fabrice ‘Omedian’ Di Stefano, Steeve Goessems, Jessica ‘Petite Snorkys’ Thirion Martin, Sylvain ‘Pype’ Martin, Giuseppe ‘Jo Kung Fu’ Saldi, Frédéric ‘Fred’ Duvivier, Valérie-Anne Lamarche, Olmo ‘Crazy Man’ Lipani, Spaneo, Hantisse, Pierre ‘DJ Pie’ Helou, Gazus Snake, Sylvain ‘Toad’ Sarrailh, Aceman, Vincent ‘Vinch’ Martin, Michel Daerden, Santo Dolce, RTL-TVI, RTC, Patrice Graillet, Kassian Germis, Marie ‘Miek’ Martin, Greg Di Palma, Yannick de Muzax, TSandy de C64 Charleroi, Antoine ‘Toon’ Reeckmans, Yvan Reeckmans, Gdream, Scott Frizz, Steve ‘K93′ Kossouho, Jean-Christophe, Sabrina ‘Sabry’Z’ Santoro, Invice, Sandra Kowalik, Pix’n Love Editions.