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Download Now!F-Zero GX : Dr Stuard "Jeff n Toad Air Team Challenger Popular
Version: MP3/IT
Submitted Date:  2004/3/1
date : 03-2004
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
source : fzdr0.it
album/project/game : Popbuster
info : remix of nintendo game cube game : F-Zero GX
original comments :
= trackers@work =
= proudly presents =
= #Fzero/Dr Stuard# =
=Jeff n Toad air team=
= challengers =
by cyborg jeff

_concept remix _
_ Toad/BoueTeam_
_remix _
_ Cyborg Jeff/T@W _
_original track _
_ nintendo_

also inspirated from : Wipeout, Xtrem G Racing Association
Safri Duo, Crazy Man, Lightning.

jan/march 2004
produced by creadream multimedia

specially hosted by vgmix.com and ocremix.org
get also hi 2 :

Tbob-Nightflowers-Gazus Snake-Pops125-Coomona-Synthox-Vanisher
Genetic Gemini-Logic Dream-Gooroo-DaveX-and sure maybe others...

Hum well so, why remixing this video game track... also in case i've
never played the game... cause just have a chipped PS2 and no GC.
Cause Toad have one!! and love this game.. .so he upload me lot of
tracks from this game.. and then this Dr Stuard track really attract

So in PS2, we have XGRA certainly the closer game from FZero GX.

So I've played a lot this bike game to take mood of this kind of game.

Here comes 2 challengers for this new season. Jeff & Toad from Air Team

Also must known that lot of sounds comes from Crazy Man & Lightning
so now time to boost the track, upload it... and wait ur reviews friend
cyborg jeff
pierre martin


ps : sorry ttracker, i will finish to do the review of ur music
pack... promise__

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