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Pierre Martin arrive on earth on the first month of year 1978. My father played guitar, my grandfather was a famous trumpet player and finally my uncle already worked on computer... Maybe cause of genetic or just cause I came from the foreign planet of Vega... Anyway it must go back in 1986 to find my first idea of musical conception.
Just after have seen a spiritual pop concert, I had understood that all my
life will be devote to music. But a this moment I was probably too young to really heard it! I just would like to be
a famous guitarist, be dressed in red
like bioman and playing lot of concert
with my friends. Then I had music lessons.. learned clarinet !!! My bros.
who had to be the drum player joined
me and he learned guitar.
Two years later, in 1988, I decided to be a "mixman"... What we call now a DJ! So at 10 years old, I received my first K7 recorder and I bought a very small keyboard, the CASIO SA1. And I began to mix all the music I can record from FM band. I believed I could be better than the well known Unity Mixers. And during more than 5 years I had mixed many hours of music under the name of Mee-Kanik

Play, Rec "Mais vous êtes fous", Pause, Rew, Play, Pause, "Fou", Pause, Rew, ...

We could say that year 1993 was a very important step on my music orientation. Not just cause I made my first compositions,... first with my ten years old C64 using Music Processor (dunno that I made chiptunes at this time) Nor cause I've received a new keyboard, a Yamaha PSR 210... In fact, at this moment, I've met a lot of people who had helped me later, and the greatest one was Pierrick Hansen. He showed me how to play keyboard, how to imagine new composition,... also how to be better dressed than with long hair and fat sweat, and finally how to meet girls... As if this last lessons was not succesfull :(. We also created PPP Team Software with Pierrick, my brother Pype and myself. Both we were full aware of Pierrick's advice and developped our first PC Games : Calimero, Bilou, Badman...



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Soon a new website
Dear fellow, lot of you still read news of this CJ website, espcially from the RSS feed. Anyway i should rebuild it completly. This old Xoops based website run now until soon 10 years and i should used a new CMS engine. During few month i'll tansfert important data to the new website that will became the new www.cyborgjeff.com. Lot of links will be fixed (i've reported lot of songs that will not work).
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