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cyb0rgjeff 2008/3/8
The new album "Goddess in my Hand" will be soon available.. and then i've just launch the webspace design of this brand new CD !
You're welcome on the forcoming mini-site

cyb0rgjeff 2006/1/11
After few long month of waiting, the new album Just a Smile is finally released ! This album included the two main songs A smile on your face and Miss Eskimo

cyb0rgjeff 2005/7/21

Pfiuuh, i've finised all the 12 cds & mini-website for the Overclocking Traxx series, now i'll need to add it to the website, so here is the 4th and 5th cds. The last one is devoted to oldskool karate/ninja games. Have a look on album sections!

Street Fighter, Wolfeinstein 3d, Super Mario, Shinobi, Internationnal Karate, Monkey Island, Megaman, Turrican, Warhawk, Comic Bakery, Wizball, Last Ninja, Outrun, Samurai Warrior, The Way of Exploding Fist,... From C64 to Super Nintendo. Nostalgic people!! it's for you

cyb0rgjeff 2005/3/18
Popbuster is pop oriented album, the first one with neo tracker technology (Buzz).. same CJ style but with more guitars and orchestral arrangement

tracks realised with : Alex Carcione, Olmo Lipani (Crazy Man), Dirk Ansorge, Gazus Snake, Jessica Bagabo, Remy Cosne (Pops125), Vanisher III and Jochen Feldkötter (Virgill)

Edited by Furycords
Produced by Creadream Multimédia
Distributed by Trackers@Work
Cover realised by Toad

cyb0rgjeff 2005/3/4
Cyborg Jeff realised 10 special cds that was sold for "Aide & Reclassement ASBL". Tracks was picked up from best new age songs of Cyborg Jeff from 1997 to 2004.

tracks realised with : Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Pype (Sylvain Martin) and Marie Martin.

Edited by Furycords
Produced by Creadream Multimédia
Cover realised by Pype & Cyborg Jeff

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