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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2013/12/17 16:12:17 (19244 reads)

Dear fellow, lot of you still read news of this CJ website, espcially from the RSS feed. Anyway i should rebuild it completly. This old Xoops based website run now until soon 10 years and i should used a new CMS engine. During few month i'll tansfert important data to the new website that will became the new www.cyborgjeff.com. Lot of links will be fixed (i've reported lot of songs that will not work).

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/6/15 15:00:58 (19783 reads)

The brand new demo of CTRL-ALT-TEST : F-Felix's workshop have finally received the second place at the Revision 2012 demoparty in Germany. I'm proud having working on that project !

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/6/15 15:03:57 (19722 reads)

Oldschool tracks written in 96 find a new life in this new Jamendo album : Gimme An Amiga, remembering the time i was dreaming i'll have an Amiga !

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2005/12/7 12:40:00 (2119 reads)
Mod's of the week

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