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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/6/15 15:00:58 (2467 reads)

The brand new demo of CTRL-ALT-TEST : F-Felix's workshop have finally received the second place at the Revision 2012 demoparty in Germany. I'm proud having working on that project !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/5/13 12:14:46 (1787 reads)

My last production "infected" was for a small game realised by CTR ALT DEL and presented to the Breakpoint 2009 demoparty. The song is available on the website and you could download that network game called A Bounce on pouet.net

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/10/27 16:18:13 (3096 reads)

Don't you think this website need to be refresh ?? Soon 5 years old, as if it receive some paint brushes 2 years ago... So, i'm working on a new webiste, where it will be easier to find musics, with tags and more funny stories on each songs in french and english...

As it probably need months to full fill it, i invite to read&hear it sometime and re-discover the Cyborg Jeff anthology through ages...


Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/6/1 8:50:00 (2833 reads)

Here is, after long time and more 2 years of work, the new album "Goddess in my Hand" is now released ! You'd able to download it, and there many funny bonus on the mini-website as weblog of all the making of. (for now, not full translated in english...)

I'm waiting you...


Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/1/8 15:57:24 (1619 reads)

I working on the forcoming album "goddess in my hands" and i for now reworked all mastering of the tracks.. What is love have been relifted and we've also try to work on vocals.. This is not finally over.. many works to do in the future.. anyway, have fun with this movie-clip !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2011/12/23 10:51:47 (1719 reads)

Wouw, one year i didn't post news here, so once again, i'll give you my best wishes for XMAS ! This year a catchy chiptrack written for a super video realised with my colleague of the LabSET

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/1/1 11:42:42 (1841 reads)

Hey, i wish you all the best for this new year 2009. It will be the last one for this cyborgjeff website, the new 3.0 version still growing, and i've just finished adding content for the year 1995. I invite you to discover the stories of my songs !

Beta Cyborgjeff 3.0

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/6/20 13:16:46 (2481 reads)

Now Goddess in my Hand is launch, i will focus the forcoming month to work on the B.O. of the game Bilou developped on Nintendo DS by PPP Team Software. This homebrew game arriving in a step that let me be able to do something usefull !

read more about the Bilou's Project

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/3/8 17:50:00 (1898 reads)

The new album "Goddess in my Hand" will be soon available.. and then i've just launch the webspace design of this brand new CD !
You're welcome on the forcoming mini-site

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/1/8 15:50:16 (1518 reads)

Well with some delays i wish you merry xmas and happy new year... So i know it's no more time for that funny games, but here is the link to this flash games developped by Laurent Linotte, Olo and Idoz from the LabSET Team.

and sounds and music was written by cyborgjeff :)

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