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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2013/12/17 16:12:17 (21539 reads)

Dear fellow, lot of you still read news of this CJ website, espcially from the RSS feed. Anyway i should rebuild it completly. This old Xoops based website run now until soon 10 years and i should used a new CMS engine. During few month i'll tansfert important data to the new website that will became the new www.cyborgjeff.com. Lot of links will be fixed (i've reported lot of songs that will not work).

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/4/20 15:00:00 (21948 reads)

The 4k demo D-Four have been nominated in public choise and most original concept at the Scenes Awards 2011

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2010/11/25 13:05:28 (2439 reads)

Hey fans, during long long months i have no more written songs, but i'm back still few weeks now... Did you have seen the winning demo presented at the Evoke 2010 demoparty : Incubation from CTRL-ALT-TEST, with the songs i've written with LLB ? May be you've heard Smiling ready's square ranked 3rd at the Main Party ? Or just listen to the tiny tracks written for Nintendo DS homebrew game from PPP Team Software ? Stay tuned, i'm working on new other great things !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/7/1 12:03:30 (2260 reads)

So sorry, but i had switch off comments due to an important spam pollution. I don't have time to fix this website as the 3.0 version on a new plate-forme is on work. About it, i've now fix the access to the "download" section, and i should add all the actual download available here to the new website. That could be done during the forcoming months.


Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/2/3 10:30:00 (1703 reads)

So, if some of you remember, the first cyborgjeff's website from Creadream Sound Studio was freely hosted on http://www.creadream.org by Jean-Pierre from WAN Sprl (thanks again man!)

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2013/11/7 13:20:00 (21444 reads)

In the end of 2013 there will be 10 years i've share you the first great CD Album of Cyborg Jeff : Let the Sun Shine !

So it's good moment to let you rediscover it and learn more about that EuroDance project realised with the emultion of N-Zone New Formation and Trackers@Work !

The album is downloadable for free on BandCamp !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2010/12/31 9:36:01 (2451 reads)

Merry christmas dear friends ! What an incredible end of the year. I have many things for you !! My brand new song Me and my Telescope have been released yesterday. This one was written for the last demo production of CTRL-ALT-TEST for the Ultimate Meeting 2010 (TUM). e-Departure was ranked 4rd.

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/10/19 10:11:34 (2829 reads)

Lot of never published modules out of my 300 first MOD, S3M soundtracker is now available on the development website... with a little story for each of them... and my firsts Impulse Tracker creations !
A new temporary design... follow my stories every days...

So you're welcome on http://tracker.cyborgjeff.com

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/4/4 17:26:01 (2178 reads)

I'm affraid that the module used to manage Album in my website is now realy too old and can't be used anymore. So i've now switched to the Jamendo widged to promote last uploaded old and new album.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/1/10 15:30:00 (2141 reads)

I would be present at Breakpoint 2008 in Germany, for a (last ?) demoparty with my brother Pype... and maybe K93. This year i'll turn to 30, so i should remember how fun is it :)

more info on : http://breakpoint.untergrund.net

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