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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/6/15 15:00:58 (21471 reads)

The brand new demo of CTRL-ALT-TEST : F-Felix's workshop have finally received the second place at the Revision 2012 demoparty in Germany. I'm proud having working on that project !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/5/13 12:14:46 (2070 reads)

My last production "infected" was for a small game realised by CTR ALT DEL and presented to the Breakpoint 2009 demoparty. The song is available on the website and you could download that network game called A Bounce on pouet.net

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/10/27 16:18:13 (3337 reads)

Don't you think this website need to be refresh ?? Soon 5 years old, as if it receive some paint brushes 2 years ago... So, i'm working on a new webiste, where it will be easier to find musics, with tags and more funny stories on each songs in french and english...

As it probably need months to full fill it, i invite to read&hear it sometime and re-discover the Cyborg Jeff anthology through ages...


Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/6/1 8:50:00 (3092 reads)

Here is, after long time and more 2 years of work, the new album "Goddess in my Hand" is now released ! You'd able to download it, and there many funny bonus on the mini-website as weblog of all the making of. (for now, not full translated in english...)

I'm waiting you...


Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/1/8 15:57:24 (1875 reads)

I working on the forcoming album "goddess in my hands" and i for now reworked all mastering of the tracks.. What is love have been relifted and we've also try to work on vocals.. This is not finally over.. many works to do in the future.. anyway, have fun with this movie-clip !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/11/28 15:27:01 (1778 reads)

Finally not so hard to add (just 1 hour), i've added an automatic streaming player in download area for all MP3 file and the possibilty to also target streaming MP3 version for module (IT,MOD,S3M,XM) files...

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/10/13 16:50:00 (1617 reads)

This is not planned but two unreleased albums have just been released on Jamendo. "La guerre des pâquerettes" and "Bouéville" was waiting there since few month, and due to technical reason, they have been released yesterday ;)

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/9/10 19:59:31 (1537 reads)

Quena.be is hardly looking for a girl to sing on new dance project based on CyborgJeff works.

She should be able to sing english and french, and should also be available for parallel productions as Movieclip and promotion.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/7/9 20:28:03 (1356 reads)

Millenipede, the shiny remake of the Atari's arcade game Centipede, realised by Firestorm Production include two songs of cyborgjeff.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/4/9 17:38:07 (1343 reads)

After long long month, Just a smile is finally available on one of the biggest free music portal : Jamendo. For now you'll be able to find two cyborgjeff's album (Just a smile and Let the sun shine).

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/3/14 13:35:05 (1463 reads)

Gdream a french friend tracker have just released a remix of E.V.O.K that have been published by Diverted Recording. Congratulation and Respect !

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/2/14 11:51:02 (12570 reads)

Pierrick Hansen, well known here as DJ 3.14 (say DJ Pii) have just turn to 30 years old. He was the tracker's teacher of cyborgjeff 10 years ago.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/11/30 15:11:57 (1976 reads)

Et hop, DJ Daerden est déjà de retour. Après le succès de C'est Extraordinaire, votre Cyborg Jeff vous propose La Daerden Machine en musique et surtout en clip vidéo. Nous verrons si la Daerden Mania continuera son cours...

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/10/18 11:34:43 (1740 reads)

(for english read bottom) Woaw après 10 ans de travail musical dans l'ombre de la demoscene et de la trackerscene. Le Tube DJ Daerden s'approche déjà des 10.000 téléchargement en seulement 3 jours

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/8/11 22:09:36 (1413 reads)

I am proud you to present Spaneo that was a CJ fan since lot of time and have decided to mail me his great work : A bootleg (versus remix) of No more virus in heaven and Jennifer Lopez.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2011/12/23 10:51:47 (2229 reads)

Wouw, one year i didn't post news here, so once again, i'll give you my best wishes for XMAS ! This year a catchy chiptrack written for a super video realised with my colleague of the LabSET

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/1/1 11:42:42 (2097 reads)

Hey, i wish you all the best for this new year 2009. It will be the last one for this cyborgjeff website, the new 3.0 version still growing, and i've just finished adding content for the year 1995. I invite you to discover the stories of my songs !

Beta Cyborgjeff 3.0

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/6/20 13:16:46 (2757 reads)

Now Goddess in my Hand is launch, i will focus the forcoming month to work on the B.O. of the game Bilou developped on Nintendo DS by PPP Team Software. This homebrew game arriving in a step that let me be able to do something usefull !

read more about the Bilou's Project

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/3/8 17:50:00 (2165 reads)

The new album "Goddess in my Hand" will be soon available.. and then i've just launch the webspace design of this brand new CD !
You're welcome on the forcoming mini-site

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/1/8 15:50:16 (1784 reads)

Well with some delays i wish you merry xmas and happy new year... So i know it's no more time for that funny games, but here is the link to this flash games developped by Laurent Linotte, Olo and Idoz from the LabSET Team.

and sounds and music was written by cyborgjeff :)

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/11/28 12:31:45 (1595 reads)

I'm working on adding streaming on each music available on the website, some tunes allready offer that, but i've lot of code to do. So for now, i should see a Dewplayer on each download, but it will not work on all items

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/10/10 14:05:36 (1305 reads)

my two first CD albums Divagation (1997) and Summer Island (1997) have just been uploaded on Last.FM

have look here

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/8/28 10:24:10 (1603 reads)

So, here is informations about my forcoming album. It will call "Goddess in my hands" (same name that the song written last year) and should be released after end of october and before Xmas 2007.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/4/24 13:39:17 (1321 reads)

Hey, i've just released my new trance song "Electronic white flowers dancing" and i've also create a small movie-clip with images from my trip to Keukenhof.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/3/25 17:49:53 (1467 reads)

Maybe u've understand that I am now associated with Didier Rombauts in Quena.be, especially for the webdevelopping section, but also to upgrade the electronical music section. I've also finish the installation of Quena.be², a new place for cyborgjeff's production and also a new computer.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/3/13 13:53:08 (1368 reads)

Last weeks CJ performed his first recording session in Quena.be studio, here is a short movie of this moment...

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/1/2 13:39:16 (1360 reads)

In 2006, there was 10 years i create music under the name of cyborgjeff, here is a little gift album, for all you... We Want More... cyborgjeff

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/11/9 15:18:50 (2191 reads)

Since the 16 octobre, cyborgjeff popularity has grown due to the Daerden effect. Once again this week the free local newspaper Liège 04 has written a complete page called "One can write a hit with a PC".

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/9/26 13:00:13 (1461 reads)

welcome to paradise dear Xavier (who i called Mr Xav in the modules we've made so long time ago)...

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/7/20 16:33:27 (1356 reads)

Wow, i am late. this new OC Traxx was released one year ago in july 2005... anyway you'll find on this new OCT13 an excellent metal&vocal remix of Warhawk by Rome Knight, an groovy remix of Robocop 3, A trance remix of Dead or Alive and a wonderfull arrangement of Final Fantasy X story..

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