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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2012/6/15 15:03:57 (13296 reads)

Oldschool tracks written in 96 find a new life in this new Jamendo album : Gimme An Amiga, remembering the time i was dreaming i'll have an Amiga !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2009/6/3 12:40:00 (2076 reads)

Gdream have just released 4 new remixes of my last song "Une autre galaxie" available here and on Gdream's website !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2007/3/6 10:43:16 (1643 reads)

A l'occasion de la journée de la femme ce jeudi 8 mars, cyborgjeff est fier de vous faire découvrir sa première production sous le label Quena.be, Je suis Plug & Play est une chanson qui fait réfléchir sur la place de l'homme dans un monde plus féministe et féminisé, .. avec un gout d'ascension technologique (...)

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/10/15 17:56:46 (2877 reads)

DJ Daerden is the cyborgjeff's guest star just after
the belgian election...
download the free dance song right now !

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/6/30 13:44:00 (1760 reads)

Hello fans, so first of all, i've just uploaded a fresh new song : Goddess in my hand.. the first new one since i've released the album Just A Smile in january. I've also (thank Gimlao) added new songs in the radioblog.

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2010/2/27 9:42:33 (2157 reads)

Let's go back to the early new millenium... At that time, i discovered Internet, and start a new life... That period inspirated me a lot this new album, releasing in september 2001. Still influence from Trance and Chitpune, anyway, at that time, the Neo Disco receive success, and i also would like to touch that style... May be did you also recognize inspiration from Moby, Daddy DJ, The Mackenzie feat. Jessy or Bombfunk Mc's...

So let's have an heard of this album, back on the web, realised with Impulse Tracker (MS-DOS) and finalised with the new VST technology in Modplug Tracker !!

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2008/3/4 13:40:00 (1953 reads)

You still waiting the forcoming album... me too ;) It was planned for this month, but... we have yesterday tested at quena.be studio, Sabry'z that would certainly add her voice on some cyborgjeff's songs in the future, but also on some track written for this forcoming and hardly waiting new album !

Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/12/7 13:12:44 (1802 reads)

Le nouveau tube de cyborgjeff feat. DJ Daerden, Daerden Machine, lancé sur le net la semaine passée garde pour objectif une sortie CD. 10.000 internautes sont venus découvrir le clip vidéo, alors que le premier titre continue à être téléchargé régulièrement.

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/10/9 16:10:22 (1647 reads)

Finally added the 6th edition of my personnal compilation of YOUR best free music were just added on the website... You will find excellent song from Crazy Man, Edzes, Cyrex, Virt, Radix,...

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Posted by cyb0rgjeff on 2006/5/9 14:01:43 (1584 reads)

Aahhh, i know i should write new song in case of taking time to add old stuff, anyway, for now "real" life take me lot of time (work, familly, building,..) so I will soon be back with new stuff (promise!)... anyway i've just finishing to add the 1997 full archive.

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