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One day of the 94's spring, Pierrick and his friend Romuald (aka Sven DC) arrived on my bedrom with Romu's Amiga 500 ! They both worked with Fast Tracker and showed me what this stuff was able to do.. Then I definitively understood that I'll had to find something like that for my PC... I'll be trackerman too !!!
But become a tracker would be really hard : 1st find a tracker for my PC took me more than one year (no internet connexion in 94) Searching on BBS, buying invalid disk,...
I finally bough Fast Tracker. But 2nd step was finding a tracker supporting my small VGA screen !!! cause FT used a too high resolution. So my first tracks was realised on the PC of my friend Vivien. And six month later, I find (thanks Xa) a Scream Tracker III on a PC Team cdrom...
And then real work began, days after days I create modules and modules..
more than 100 the first year !!!
In 1996 I created Creative Sound Studio to promote all my tracker's friends (Jedd, Tbob, Pype, Pierrick, Parmesan,...)
Switched in 1997 from Scream Tracker to Impulse Tracker, I recorded (better say burned) my first CD album "Divagation" with the brand new cd burner of my friend Vivien. In summer 97 I met Didier Rombauts from Quéna Arèdje and Tbob then we recorded on studio our hit and video clip "Viens Au Soleil"...
Back from Louvain-La-Neuve, Creative Sound Studio became a little too small, and in April 1999 my parents make me built a new bedroom to better study !!! and to make better music ;p Lot of thinks changed. Sure space, but also materials, instruements, concept (Roland E68 and Yamaha DJX). I would like to propose a professionnal result ! I would like to be known... Creadream was borned ! In year 2000 Internet was my common life ! I had met my future wife (so music would grow more slowly, Also because of often moving place). But Internet let me also meet lot of people and let me share my work all around the world through my first website.



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Soon a new website
Dear fellow, lot of you still read news of this CJ website, espcially from the RSS feed. Anyway i should rebuild it completly. This old Xoops based website run now until soon 10 years and i should used a new CMS engine. During few month i'll tansfert important data to the new website that will became the new www.cyborgjeff.com. Lot of links will be fixed (i've reported lot of songs that will not work).
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