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cyb0rgjeff 2004/12/20
And 6th edition of the BCC compo just and only for tiny&chippy tracks!
Here is the result :

1ko compo
1. Merry in vain by Hardliner
12. A lonely kb by LLB
22. Jailed by a byte by Cyborg Jeff

4ko compo
1. Absence by Ilmarque
15. For peacefull kb by LLB

32ko MOD compo
1. BAJS3 by Zabutom
10. Itaki001 by Cyborg Jeff
10. Myr'huin by LLB

64ko compo
1. Airshow by Ilmarque
7. Chubby Girl by Cyborg Jeff
14. Digital Landscape by Funky Fish

100ko remix compo
1. oye como va-chipmix by Vincenzo
3. streetfighter chiptunes by Cyborg Jeff
10. Feels like im in Luv by Funky Fish

cyb0rgjeff 2004/10/14
third and last qualification to the CMC Mod Contest,.. finishing 5th on 10.

1° Vibe - Trip to home
4° Cyborg Jeff - Email 2 Elise

cyb0rgjeff 2004/10/14
Second qualification to the CMC Mod Contest,.. finishing 4th on 6.

1° Prophecy - Inside our mind
4° Cyborg Jeff - Spirit of the chaos

cyb0rgjeff 2004/9/22
5th edition of the BCC, just and only for chiptunes music.. well unwaited result...

jazz entry
1°Cyborg Jeff - Perhaps am I an alien
2° DaverD - Mr Glass

happy entry
1°DaverD - Turn back in time
4°Cyborg Jeff - keep a secret

cyb0rgjeff 2004/9/10
First qualification at the CMC (May 2003)... Cyborg Jeff finish 6 on 6.

1° Ivory - Saraswathi Path
6° Cyborg Jeff - Perfection

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