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cyb0rgjeff 2008/4/4
I'm affraid that the module used to manage Album in my website is now realy too old and can't be used anymore. So i've now switched to the Jamendo widged to promote last uploaded old and new album.

cyb0rgjeff 2008/3/8
The new album "Goddess in my Hand" will be soon available.. and then i've just launch the webspace design of this brand new CD !
You're welcome on the forcoming mini-site

cyb0rgjeff 2005/9/13
Wohoo, the website will now be transfered to the brand new host Untergrund.net devoted to sceneworld, and is now accessible with http://cyborgjeff.untergrund.net

cyb0rgjeff 2005/7/25
Thanks Gdream for this excellent stuff you'll show me, i've directly added it to the website. Radio Blog let you quickly discover the best Cyborg Jeff's tunes (for 50 songs !!). This extention in php/flash is hosted on the free.fr account and stream in 64ko/s. When someone is attracted by one of those song or more.. he just need to type the name in search mode, or go on all download section !

cyb0rgjeff 2005/3/1
Pfiuuh after few month of technical problem the website is back, i once again re-edit my GREAT THANKS to DSP from Buffalometro Metro for the free hosting.. so please have a look to his website and his music on http://www.buffalometro.net

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