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Version: MP3
Submitted Date:  2005/5/31
date : 31-05-2005
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
album/project/game : Just a smile
info : trance
original comments :
=cyborgjeff proudly presents "No more virus in heaven"...===========

Song written by Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
email : cyborg@teledisnet.be
url : http://www.cyborgjeff.buffalometro.net

edited by TAW (trackersatwork)
url : http://www.trackersatwork.com


Once again a new song with Jeskola Buzz... after few month i began to
be able to create intersting song... But how many hours spent to finish
a track compare of Impulse Tracker... Especially cause of the BIG BIG
new list of VSTi... No more samples .. all with VSTi generator.. so
lot of time to test, test, re-test...

So i have lot of chance that my ordi.com computer never make crash
Buzz (as lot of other users !!!)

Well i do not have any right to use those VSTi.. but i do not
create moneytrack ;p so do i need to credit it ??
i prefer... but i will change some name,... the one who need to
understand will.

Grog Wavestation
Zebra +
Grog from the Legaly Cell
ZuperWave, ZuperDance
Chameau Léon 500

Greets & Thanks

Céhèm (Crazy Man) : thanks thanks for ur help and sorry for uploading something i mustn't
Gazus Snake
Vanisher III
Gdream : always trying to be close to your style ;p
K93 : ;p have recognise your angel in the cover ??!
Toad : I know u're right
Yes : welldone for V5 of Nectarine
Logic Dreams
Athena : love u
Fabien M. : love that song ?

And lot lot lot of other great people who like my work
Sorry to not have put u here...


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