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Version: MP3
Submitted Date:  2007/10/20
date : 20-10-2007
by : cyborgjeff (Pierre Martin)
album/project/game : Goddess in my hand
info : happycore chip & demoscene track
original comments :
cyborgjeff asteroid rave partyPfiiuh.. what a feeling, finishing a new song.. It's crazy, if i stay a long time without releasing, I became angry and don't fit well ! ... So this afternoon i've take back a track begun last month "chipitis.bmx"... I've just kept sounds and start from scratch.

I will not completly ok with it.. anyway, time missing me to do something wonderfull.. I've try a "new" style... happycore i think, ... Some other musicians also do that for now (DJ Pie, Gdream,...), but my sounds still be chip exteme,... That was my root idea, but when watching this broadcast from the blog (64!music), with party where DJ juggle with c64 and gameboys ... Asteroïd Rave Party's concept borned in my head tête...

About melody, this is not realy techno-techno.. it's more sounds chiptunes/demoscène.. and the melody shoud be available to Scott Frittz's game. Also on old Asteroïd's thema.... Other inspirations.. Maybe B.B.E. and Scooter ! So.. This title will not initialy waited for the forcoming album... But i should find its place there ;p

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