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Version: MP3 (IT)
Submitted Date:  2011/4/24
date : 13-04-2011
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
source file : ZIP
album-project-game : d-Four
info : d-Four from CTR-ALT-TEST presented in 4K demo at Revision 2011.
original info :

LLB and I working hard for Revision 2011 when Zavie contact me, as he have an idea for a 4K demo. The first one for our team. 4K means we can't use a lot of memory, and then I can't use Farbrausch V2 plugin, as in the other production. "Try 4KLang"... Great, i've try it few weeks ago, without succes, but in fact, it was not so hard to use finally. I Quickly find some sounds as I like, and zooop something in the mood of Zavie's project arrived... We chat about some ideas, helping by SoundCloud to spot where to change things...

It was easy for me to have images on the words... I'm watching Californication since few days... that help !

Here come Love Potion Level 4 : (Hello).... It was also a clin d'oeil to my life, has i've just announced friends that my familly it turning to level 4 (a second child is coming)... Hello version was the third versions of the songs, remembering a potential close to the story with just an Hello... but that should use 5 letters ;)

This version was not exactly the same as in the 4K demo. I should finally disable one instrument for space requierement ! But i keep it as the final version that you will soon find in my forcoming CD Album.

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