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Version: 1.2
Submitted Date:  1995/3/2
This first episode of Badman is first finalised game of the 3 "P" of PPP Team. Badman character was designed by Pierrick Hansen. Then Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin) began to work on first level (realised with tutoring tiles of Game Maker). Then Pierrick and Pype create another level, tiles and enemies.

Badman is a stupid hero coming from Chocolate zone and passing through different world (Manathan's roof, Sonic fields, Lego's factory, haunted mansion, japanese fall, security jail, space) to finally arrive to italy. Find Sebastiano Valenti a crazy juventus player that would like to destroy earth with tyres.

Badman was realised with the Game Maker 3.0 running on MS Dos with soundblaster and VGA screen... It also works on Windows but in case of it won't run.. u may be try to use the Shino Boot Disk.
As Game Maker was just and only able to include CMF file for music PPP Team Software don't have authorisation to use those music file in the game. Well this is just an FREEWARE.

PPP Team Software 1995

screen : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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