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Version: 1.1
Submitted Date:  1996/3/2
Biokid is a kind of Megaman clone designed by Pype (Sylvain Martin) for a game realised by Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin). Little Biokid is in fact a small antivirus coded by PPP Team Software and searching on your computer dangerous green virus! Each time if find one, you'll need to help him to kill it. And may be if u've enough skilled, u'll be able to learn the mystic Yoootseeeemeeeekaaaaaaaaaaa.

Biokid was realised with the Game Maker 3.0 running on MS Dos with soundblaster and VGA screen... It also works on Windows but in case of it won't run.. u may be try to use the Shino Boot Disk.
As Game Maker was just and only able to include CMF file for music PPP Team Software don't have authorisation to use those music file in the game. Well this is just an FUNWARE.

PPP Team Software 1996

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