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Finishing the album and starting something new.

février 6, 2008 - 1:08 Comments Off
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La Daerden Machine ‘hard 2008 remix’
(Martin-Daerden) 11/2006-02/2008
piste bonus

quena.beGosh, As each holydays, i’m trying to find some time to work on this album… Now since first month of year 2006 that i work on it, and i still have delayed it in the end of 2007 and march 2008… But i should admit, that i don’t have grow up it for now ;(

I know all the tracks i’ll use, i also have the illustration from K93’s sister for the cover (so i will work on it soon). I’m still waiting for one remix (maybe more, but it should be short). The most difficult is to homogenise the album. I still have speak about that some time ago.

What is hard is that i first work with an oldscool Sony amplificator then switch to some Altec 2.0 surround to finally use the Genelec Pro from the studio. That means my work sounds different… espcially cause i also often work with headphones.

Well, i realy would like to work on new things, with good configuration.

Yesterday, it was not fun. I’ve first would like to work on a remix of Sonic 3 : Ice Cap taht Gilmao ask me since long years. But i don’t like the result. So i’ve work on mastering… And finaly i’ve try to rework on the Daerden Machine with techno remix.

I should also fin some stuff like MP3Gain that work with .wav files.

 cyborgjeff - test - 05 02 2008 - Sonic 3 Ice Cap: Play Now | Play in Popup

 cyborgjeff feat. DJ Daerden - La Daerden Machine 'hard 2008 mix': Play Now | Play in Popup