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Version: IT
Submitted Date:  1997/7/2
date : 07-1997
by : S.S.S. (Pierre Martin)
album/project/game : Summer Island
info : vocal dance inspirated from The Police
original comments :

Creative Sound Studio presents #Robinson Crusoe# By Cyborg Jeff [P.Martin] for SSS [Martin-Boigelot]

This new hit's influanced by Message in a bottle from The Police.

Hey Do you know that the first tune of SsS "Viens au Soleil" is endly recorded at Quene Aretche studio. Again some work for the video Clip n it's good. Well thanks to Rombaut's Family for it .

Hmm i would like to say that the Ambients arrangement was realised with a lot of sample from Tbob [Boigelot]..

Hello to Tbob Pype n Juju, Dada, Puce, Fifin, Doudou, Mm Rodriguez, Caalire,...

Oh yes this tune was written for Robinsoon, You don't know him. me yesss.


CREATIVE SOUND STUDIO '8'97- / Robinson Crusoe
PRESENT - / [Message in a bottle]
----------------------------/ By Cyborg Jeff
===========================/ [Pierre Martin]
FOR SSS [Martin-Boigelot]

A Robinsoon.

Intro C'est l'orage sur la lagune
Voyage dans les brumes
Robinson prisonnier
De son ile abandonnee

Coup1 Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Afaibli par la fatalite
Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Tous t'ont laisse tomber

Refrain I found a message in a bottle 2x
Trop loin pour moi

Coup2 Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Militaire improvise
Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Don Juan completement rate

Coup3 Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
#Merci maitre# rien de bien sorcier
Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Ou caches-tu ta verite

Coup4 Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Ta bouteille vient de s'echouer
Robinson, Robinson Crusoe
Les lettres se sont effacees

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