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Download Now!module pack 1996 Popular
Version: RAR
Submitted Date:  2006/4/27
date : 1996
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
album/project/game :
info : all the module for year 1996
original comments :
This second year season let you discovered the first production of Cyborg Jeff but also so tracks always under Mc Piet's nick. Since january to augustus, i was tracking under an 386 DX and my brave Scream Tracker,.. My main style was dream music (BBE, Robert Miles, Boris,..) but i still trying other kind of music : techno, game, ....

Next part of year 1996, my brother Pype bought us an Pentium 120 so i was able to let run Fast Tracker II faster and began to create my personnal samples collections and not just rip from other modules.

And finally in the last days (29 december) i found the incredible Impulse Tracker that really fit to my needs !

The file contain 204 modules in MOD, S3M, XM and IT

Quality of those tracks was improved but still sounds as PC-Module.

Those tracks was written with different friends :
DJ Dub (Christophe Deblire)
Parmesan (Laurent Mazzapicchi)
V-Drums (Vivien Vanoirbeek)
Pype (Sylvain Martin)
MegG (Laurent Rosati)
JedD (Jean-Denis Magis)
Pierrick Hansen

Finally, special thanks to :
My brother Pype, cause we need to switch eachother our computer "time", people like Carole Lepaily, Cédric Vanrutten, Sébastien Valenti, Pascal Deiting.. who were great supporter of my work.

Downloaded 359 times  359  File Size 25.65 MB  Supported Platforms Scream T. III, Fast T. II, Impulse T. / 386 DX, Pe  Home Page Streaming
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