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Download Now!Gimme Post IT 4 Xmas Popular
Version: MP3/IT
Submitted Date:  2011/12/14
date : 13-12-2011
by : Cyborg Jeff (Pierre Martin)
source file : IT
album-project-game : Post IT de Nol
info : Xmas track written for LabSET 2011 wishes video-clip
original info :


CYBORG JEFF (Pierre Martin) presents Gimme PostIT 4 Xmas
finished this 13-12-2011

So we have a fun project a fun project at work and have made a xmas scene with PostIT. You'll soon view the video on youtube !

So here is the music written for this video for sure written with schism tracker.

I've used my classic xmas samples library and have added new one sampled from the demo VSTI called : plogue chiptune

this track also inspirated from Rihanna maybe also Spaneo, Elmobo and Elwood.


hi 2 my colleague, espcially Vinch, Lucie, Steph, So and Olo
but also DJ Rams, Elmobo, UltraSyd, Kingsteph, Pype, Dragonus,
LLB, Zavie, CrazyMan, Simon & Valentin Boigelot, GDream, Tohad, K93,...

Finally kisses to my wife PetiteSnorkys, my little Boy Charly
and my twins girls Juliette & Alice.


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