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  1. Hello CyborgJeff,

    I recently completed my Freeware hot-seat multiplayer Asteroids-style game (for Windows & possibly Linux) with elements from other games (space war, bomberman, choplifter), made with Unity. The problem is that my brother – who originally made the music for it – didn’t want to include his music at the last moment… So now I am in a need for a new soundtrack (in MP3 format).

    I heard your Asteroid Rave party and I thought it was pretty good stuff. I would like to release my game soon and because this game is going to be Freeware, I wish if I could make use of some of your music for free.

    The game has 5 worlds and it loops after that. The music would be the same in the battle modes. It has an intro song, a song for the shop and a song for the hi-score input. I already will be quite happy if I could get an intro and an ingame song though.

    It is not released already, but you can grasp the beta at:

    If you have the time and would like to help me out I would ask if you would please look into it.

    Looking forward to your answer.
    Manuel vd Avoird (M.A. Games)

  2. Hello,
    First of all, let me tell you that I love your music. Seriously, you did a great job :).
    You know, I’m trying to make a VN game, non commercial (I mean, it’s just an entertainment) and I want to use some of your tracks on it. Of course I will give you credits, but I was wondering if I can make shorter some pieces. You see, in the license it says I can’t alter the track, but I need to make it shorter some times. So I wonder if you would let me do it or not. If your answer it’s no, there is no problem, I can use the complete track in other part of de game :). Anyway, I just wanna make sure you were agree or not with my intention and ask for your permission to do so.

    P.S: I will let you know when I finish the game so you can see it :3


    1. Bonjour Nago, effectivement Paddock Theme n’est pas encore ré-encodé dans la base de donnée (J’ai encore beaucoup de travail !). Je t’envoie par email, un lien vers l’album « Past Present Future » où il se trouve. A moins que ce ne soit la version .IT que tu recherches ?

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