Paquet Cadeau

Some time now you didn't have a new album from Cyborg Jeff. So here is a little gift for Xmas, with this kwel album including my xmas theme compositions during those 10 years...

You could for instance listen to a lot of tracks written for Xmas Flash video game realised for the LabSET, La Guerre des Pâquerettes or some Xmas project from Sylvain Sarrailh (Tohad).

Tracks was written with Impulse Tracker, Schism Tracker and Jeskola Buzz Tracker.

Thanks to Petite Snorkys Photography for the original photo.

Joyeux Noël !!!


Olivier Borsu, Patrick Schaffer, Vincent Martin, Lucie Pier, Laurent Linotte, Sylvain Martin, Sophie Philippart, Stéphanie Géron, Charly Martin, Olmo Lipani, Tohad, Summer Jam, Donkey Kong Country, Gdream, Jessica Thirion, Disney Land Resort Paris, Super Mario Bros, Catherine Delfosse, the old team of Arcallians, Pierrick Hansen, Maf

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