There's now 6 years i've discovered the minimalist sounds of the VSTi plugin 4KLang used in Demoparty. First track written with it was Love Potion Level 4 on a 4K production for CTRL+ALT+TEST. Each years, i was inspirated by those sounds to create jingle for University of Liège video score as for instance the MOOC jingle. So finally all those tiny track could be linked between each others...


Tracks was written with just and only Open Modplug Tracker and 4KLang VSTi
Bonus was written with Jeskola Buzz Tracker.

Thanks for support and inspirations : Jean-François Van de Poël, Dominique Verpoorten, Julien Guertault, Laurent Lebrun, Charly Martin, Samuel Harcq, Thibault Crepin, Vincianne D'anna, Bjorn Olaf Dozzo, Daniel Delbrassine, Valérie Centi, Alkama, Rose Martin, Jessica Thirion, Sylvain Martin, Harry Morneaux, Yoan Sirenne, Patrick Schaffer

Illustration de la couverture par Charly Martin, photo Olivier Borsu.

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