One of my main dream when i starting writing music was to have CD Album, so after releasing some K7 album, I would be able to have my first CD Album burned if few quantity in 1997 as if at that time, it really cost a lot to have this to do it himself.

Powerglove – Amiga OST


Super CJ Land : Welcome to my TinyWorld

Paquet Cadeau

Goddess in my hand

Just a Smile

Just a Smile

Cyborg Jeff - Bouéville - Cover - 2005


La guerre des pâquerettes

La guerre des pâquerettes

Let the sun shine


Pixelization (S.E)

Cyborg Jeff - Crossing over the scene - cover - 2003

Crossing over the scene (S.E.)

A l'affoler

A l’affoler (S.E.)

And what’s about the love ?

Crazy Brix – OST


Last trip to my ship (S.E.)

Eyes Dreams - Cyborg Jeff

Eyes Dreams (S.E.)

CD Album

Divagation (Apr. 97)
Summer Island (Aug. 97)
Esperenza (Jan. 98)
Eyes Dreams (Sep. 98)
Soft Xmas (Dec. 98)
Last trip on my ship (Jan. 99)
Together n I (Aug. 99)
Here comes my best off (Aug. 99)
And what’s about the love now (Dec. 99)
Day after days (Jan. 00)
Y2K (Feb. 00)
Expression sentimentale (Mar. 00)
Néant (Jun 00)
A l’affoler (Sep. 00)
HTML Quest (Dec. 00)
Crossing over the scene (Sep. 01)
Pixelization (May. 02)
Past, Present, Future (Feb. 03)
La guerre des pâquerettes (Dec. 03)
Let the sun shine (Dec. 03)
CJ’s world remix (Jan. 04)
Fairy tales (Dec. 04)
Popbuster (Feb. 05)
Bouéville (May. 05)
Just a smile (Jan. 06)
We want more (Nov 06)
Planer n’est pas jouer (Mar. 07)
Goddess in my hand (Jun 08)
Pâquet Cadeau (Dec 10)
Gimme an Amiga (Jun 12)
Super CJ Land : Welcome to my TinyWorld (Dec 13)

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