Cyborg Jeff - Popbuster
From Dos to Windows,... Popbuster !!! Here is the new cyborgjeff's album, something really different than last "Let the sun shine" dance album... This is time I'll try to be closer than Pop music.. first with my old Impulse Tracker (running under dos) and finally switching (and learning?) Jeskola Buzz Tracker !! Do not have lost my chippy sounds and favorite samples,.. but adding guitars, orchestral, vocals,.. année : 2005 style : Electro, Pop blog : / site-web : mini-site téléchargement : LAST.FM réalisé par : Pierre Martin, Jochen Feldkötter, Alessandro Carcione, Jessica Bagabo, Olmo Lipani, Gazus Snake, Frédéric Motte avec l’aide de : Sylvain Sarrailh, Dirk Ansorge, Marcheser, Lydwine Lafontaine, Rémy Cosne, Jessica Thirion, Santo Dolce TRACK BY TRACK 1. I am free "cj's pantheon mix" 2. american dream "popbuster III" 3. the rules of heatown "mode badboy" 4. life will be as  before 5. mon envol 6. heatown madness "rock garden" 7. a l'air libre "pop V" 8. donkey kong sunset 9. fzero gx : dr stuard "jeff & toad" 10. lettin' go "oldskool 04" 11. trance pastel 12. happyness is out of control 13. email 2 elise "valentine skull edit" 14. nectarinization : la revenge 15. hidden white room 16. brain roll 17. france friendship "ode to moby" 18. crazy men "final version" tracks by : Cyborg Jeff (copyrighted) produced by : Furycords 2004-2005 distributed by : Trackers@Work 2005

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