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OCT13 finally added

Overclocking Traxx 13 - coverWow, i am late. this new OC Traxx was released one year ago in july 2005… anyway you’ll find on this new OCT13 an excellent metal&vocal remix of Warhawk by Romeo Knight, an groovy remix of Robocop 3, A trance remix of Dead or Alive and a wonderfull arrangement of Final Fantasy X story..

!! some url will not work due to VGMix temporary break down. May be i’ll invite you to pick up song from FTP ;p

more Albums and Compilations

Youhou, i’ve finally added all the 12 compilations of Overclocking Traxx (remix of video games music), also the 4 compilations Free Electro Web with the best free songs from the net.. and finally i’ve added my two first albums from 97 : Summer Island, Divagation…

You will find remix of : Arkanoid, Commander Keen, Donkey Kong Country, Giana Sister, Monkey Island Silent Hill, Super Mario, Final Fantasy, Worms, Zelda,…
Also songs from : Bjorn Lyne, Cdnalsi, Crazy Man, D-Fected notes, Edzes, Gdream, Goor00, Gruik, Little Bitchard, Logic Dreams, Maf, Sinespree, Virt, Virgill

Overclocking Traxx 4 and 5 added

Pfiuuh, i’ve finised all the 12 cds & mini-website for the Overclocking Traxx series, now i’ll need to add it to the website, so here is the 4th and 5th cds. The last one is devoted to oldskool karate/ninja games. Have a look on album sections!

Street Fighter, Wolfeinstein 3d, Super Mario, Shinobi, Internationnal Karate, Monkey Island, Megaman, Turrican, Warhawk, Comic Bakery, Wizball, Last Ninja, Outrun, Samurai Warrior, The Way of Exploding Fist,… From C64 to Super Nintendo. Nostalgic people!! it’s for you

News on album section…

Well, well.. since the last update of album section there are lot of news… first now FEW (free electro web) is now updated.All the four compilation are online! About Overclocking traxx : Second and Third compilation are now online.. but i’m allready working on the 11st cd.. so i’m still delayed… Finally about my Cyborg Jeff album… lot of work to do there.. I’ve just added my first CD album (releasing in 1997).. So come on and listen to best song of Cdnalsi, Edzes, Virt, Mosaïk, Elwood, Maf, Kb, Crazy Man, Gdream, Phaser, Hunz,… or/and the best remix of Super Mario, Outrun, Zelda, Megaman, Golden Axe, R-type, Final Fantasy, Lemmings, Tetris,…

Overclocking Traxx #1 online

Here is the first stuff in Album section, this is not a Cyborg Jeff album, but the first volume of the Overclocking Traxx proposing remix of video game soundtrack,… (2001)
You will find remix from : Dune, Gianna Sisters, Worms, Commando, Super Mario All Stars, Lemmigs, Zelda, Tetris, Arkanoid, Outrun,… realised by famous musicians as : Machinae Supremacy, Press Play On Tape, Beat, Bjorn Lynne, Instant Remedy,…
Let’s have a look