CD Album : Néant

Néant (that mean nothing in french) was the 8th album of Cyborg Jeff,.. this one was the first made that’s not an IT->WAV. After programmation of the music CJ now takes time to finalise his tracks with Sound Blaster Live effects.. Néant was also the first distributed album,.. Cyborg Jeff, during year 2000 discovered internet, and with help of JP from Wan Computer, he created his first website where you had be able to download this album…

those tracks was made with : Marie Martin, Aurélia Benedetto, Amina Hatouffi, Pierrick Hansen (DJ 3.14), Sylvain Martin (Pype) and Laurent Mazzapicchi (Parmesan).

Edited by Studio 33
Produced by Creadream Sound Studio
Coproduced by Quéna Sound
Distributed by WAN Sprl
Cover realised by Cyborg Jeff

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