Working on music for an xmas game

Well, i’m working for now on soon available flash game ! I have written two new musics and re-arranged an old one for the forcoming Santa Clause vs the packs !

So i also work on sfx.. But may be this concept game told you something ?? Effectively my brother and i have imagine it in the end of year 2000, he has worked on some GFX, so i’m realy happy, 7 years later to see this concept revival. This version will not be a PPP Team Software production but a LabSET one.. This will be realised as Xmas gift at work. Graphism was realised by Olivier ‘Olo’ Borsu, Action Script programation by Laurent Linotte and PHP hiscore programation by Etienne ‘Idoz’ Brunet.

I have personnaly work also on concept and gameplay ideas.. as if this is not our main work there.. so you should not be able to do what i imagine ;p

So stay tune, and come back in few days to be able to beat the highscore !!

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