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Cyborg Jeff - Powerglove - Amiga - OST

Powerglove – Amiga OST released

Ode to the Amiga time, I invite you to discover the OST I’ve written for Powerglove (by Lazycow). The game from Matthias Bock will be soon available on the mythic 90s computer !

During you’re playing with the Hero and his powerglove to save our earth, i’ve choose to adapt my original C64 theme searching inspiration from the best musical of that early 90s period : Thomas Petersen ‘Laxity’ & Kim Christensen (DNA Warrior), Stéphane Picq (Dune), Tim & Lee Wright (Shadow of the Beast 2), Olof Gustafsson (Pinball Fantasies), Allister Brimble (Project X), Chris Huelsbeck (Grand Monster Slam), Robert A. Allen (Jazz Jack Rabbit), Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros.), Martin Galway (Comic Bakery) or Yuzo Koshiro (Street of Rage).

Have a nice trip !

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Bilou’s School Zone, level 2

Bilou's Adventure - School Zone level 2Wouw, some delay in my production. My brother have finished the level 2 of School Zone, some kind of run level called : Deep Ink… That mean i should create a new ambient for this level, and i would like to keeep using same sample set from the one use in the first level…

After some essais, i realy like the result that should know be included to the game.

Download it for your Nintendo DS


Powerglove : fun inside your C64

Some words about this great adventure i’ve made last autumn. My bros. Pype show me a game currently developped on the C64, a new version of the excellent Pharaoh’s Curse, i loved to play 30 years ago. After some time i had contact Lazycow, the developper to propose music for his game.

goattracker-powerglove-cyborgjeffIn fact, he was working on another game Powerglove, using the same engine for the Commodore 64 ! Wouw, great mission ! For sure musics i’ve made 20 years ago on my commodre was not so kwel then what Chris Huelsbeck, Rob Hubbard et autres Jeroen Tel have made… Should i able to do some SID, the musical standard on the C64 !?

So i’ve worked with Goat Tracker. Black and basic interface but close to what i used during the MS-DOS time with Scream Tracker… I should learn how it works, created subtune and also made my own sound effect.

I finally quickly find how to do good stuff with informations from Matthias Bock. I would like to have an oppressing ambient but also something that the player would like to hear more. That was something incredible at that time on the C64. I remember i loop play to DNA Warrior just to listen to the music !

So i let you discover PowerGlove…
1. download the free image of the game (préférez la version « fix »)
2. if needed let it run on an emulation like CCS64

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Bilou’s 20 years birthday !

Bilou's Adventure - School zoneThat’s it: the anniversary level celebrating the 20 years of Bilou video game sketching, design and coding is ready to play. At last, Pierrick’s ennemies and my brother’s level come to life and challenge you to gather all the letters scattered through the chemestry classroom. The more you get, the further we take you back in time. Can you make it back to 1993 ?

First level is available here for Nintendo DS.

I’ve start to work on the music ambient of this new level, mainly inspirated from Rayman Origins style !

b-incubation - CTRL+ALT+TEST

Cyborg Jeff is back !

Hey fans, during long long months i have no more written songs, but i’m back still few weeks now… Did you have seen the winning demo presented at the Evoke 2010 demoparty : Incubation from CTRL-ALT-TEST, with the songs i’ve written with LLB ? May be you’ve heard Smiling ready’s square ranked 3rd at the Main Party ? Or just listen to the tiny tracks written for Nintendo DS homebrew game from PPP Team Software ? Stay tuned, i’m working on new other great things !

Working on music for an xmas game

Well, i’m working for now on soon available flash game ! I have written two new musics and re-arranged an old one for the forcoming Santa Clause vs the packs !

So i also work on sfx.. But may be this concept game told you something ?? Effectively my brother and i have imagine it in the end of year 2000, he has worked on some GFX, so i’m realy happy, 7 years later to see this concept revival. This version will not be a PPP Team Software production but a LabSET one.. This will be realised as Xmas gift at work. Graphism was realised by Olivier ‘Olo’ Borsu, Action Script programation by Laurent Linotte and PHP hiscore programation by Etienne ‘Idoz’ Brunet.

I have personnaly work also on concept and gameplay ideas.. as if this is not our main work there.. so you should not be able to do what i imagine ;p

So stay tune, and come back in few days to be able to beat the highscore !!