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Powerglove, the Amiga version

PowerGlove Amiga
PowerGlove Amiga Version still in developpement.

Do u remember PowerGlove video games from LazyCow on the C64 ? Yep, you’ve right that’s a kwel game for the one i’ve written the audio part in 2013.  Matthias Bock is for now working hard on the Amiga version and have presented some great GIF animated version last days.

So by my side i’m also working around the audio track for the game till around 1 years now. Here is some samples of the evolution of that project.

Well, i though i approach of how this Amiga version should sounds. Many references and inspirations : Dune, Shadow of the Beast, Pinball Dreams, Project X,… Great Job Matt for this great game in developpement !

“And what’s about the love ?” Finally downloadable !

What's about the love ? CD Album - Cyborg Jeff
What’s about the love ? CD Album – Cyborg Jeff

Well many of my CD Album were still available around the Web, but a great one of them like this “And What’s About the Love ?” were never released… Few days before the 20th anniversary of Cyborg Jeff, i’ve just push it on Bandcamp…

So, Go back to 1999. I was 20 years old, i believe i was a man, but i still just a teenager. I thought one day i’ll a be a star like the DJ i loved. Every friday nights i join my friend V and we go to the Metropolis Club listening to DJ Jurgen, Wamdue Project, Mr. Oizo, DJ Sakin & Friends and some other stuffs like this…

Then i meet a girl. I felt in love, I would like to let her heard my heart beating like a techno vibes, I dream of a live with her, with just the feeling a teenager like me could have but I would like she takes my hand, jump with me and put her head on my shoulder… the days passed, things was not so easy, she’s too far, i was sad alone in my bedroom with my new Yamaha DJX keyboard and my computer, i need to see her back, i wanna scream my heart once again for her… but this over, this day off, next life will be without her.

Well that CD Album is just the story about that.

So you’re welcome to (re)discover it… it’s freely downloadable and this second edition includes new covers and two unreleased tracks.

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Every Song Has A Story - HTML 5 - MP3

“Every Song Has A Story” now compatible with Safari and iOS.

Hmm, long time i’ve try to understand why the “PodPress” MP3 player  will not switch from Flash to HTML5 when i use my iPad. That would be so kwel if users will be alble to listen to the 556 till available on the website “Every Song Has A Story“.

After convert all the database to another podcast plugin (PowerPress), the HTML 5 works but only on Chrome, Firefox. iOS device and Safari still not working. I Finally understood that it was due to the FTP call that was not supported in Apple system. That means using the HTML 5 <audio> was not supproted with this kind of source. Now i’ve migrated all the MP3Stream in an html format and it works well after doing a search&replace in the database.

It would be a good idea to add the next songs on the website isn’t it ?

what about download section

Well, what about download section.. First i’ve made a big mistake with mysql code (that’s why this stupid name on MSN : UPDATE xoops_mydownloads_downloads SET date = unix_timestamp( ‘2000-05-17’ ) WHERE cid = 15 AND lid = 1).. I had to correct the 300 downloads. Now about Cyborg JEff’s download i’m close to finish 2003 downloads… and begin the unreleased 2004 year… As soon as this part will finish.. i’ll officially launch the website!

CD Album : Pixelization

After too much month of delay,.. Pixelization cd album is finally over. This the 11th album of Cyborg Jeff with new concept! Here all tracks are written and imagined from start of Pype’s Background screen… All the track also need to be new age music…

Some of them are realised with Pype (Sylvain Martin) and Marie Martin.

Produced and Edited by Creadream Label
Cover realised by Pype and Cyborg Jeff