“And what’s about the love ?” Finally downloadable !

What's about the love ? CD Album - Cyborg Jeff
What’s about the love ? CD Album – Cyborg Jeff

Well many of my CD Album were still available around the Web, but a great one of them like this “And What’s About the Love ?” were never released… Few days before the 20th anniversary of Cyborg Jeff, i’ve just push it on Bandcamp…

So, Go back to 1999. I was 20 years old, i believe i was a man, but i still just a teenager. I thought one day i’ll a be a star like the DJ i loved. Every friday nights i join my friend V and we go to the Metropolis Club listening to DJ Jurgen, Wamdue Project, Mr. Oizo, DJ Sakin & Friends and some other stuffs like this…

Then i meet a girl. I felt in love, I would like to let her heard my heart beating like a techno vibes, I dream of a live with her, with just the feeling a teenager like me could have but I would like she takes my hand, jump with me and put her head on my shoulder… the days passed, things was not so easy, she’s too far, i was sad alone in my bedroom with my new Yamaha DJX keyboard and my computer, i need to see her back, i wanna scream my heart once again for her… but this over, this day off, next life will be without her.

Well that CD Album is just the story about that.

So you’re welcome to (re)discover it… it’s freely downloadable and this second edition includes new covers and two unreleased tracks.

I finally thanks the guys who have involved in that album :

Thierry Dubois, friend and guitarist with who i spent a lot of time during those summer 99, he had made the guitar part of “Have you heard my heart“.

Pierrick Hansen, musical mentor and still an importance influence on all my album. He is the original composer of “Romance à Julie” and “Hole of Dreams”.

My brother Sylvain Martin who have the co-composer of “Romance à Julie” and also have written “Need to see u back” with me on the Yamaha DJX.

Vivien Vanoirbeek, my best friend and drum player. He helped me to write the drums arrangement of the jazzy song “Plus ou moins Souvent“.

Raphaël Marchand, school colleague and some time DJ. He asked me a song to introduce his session and have given his voice on “Capharnaum“.

French Sound Tracker Maxime Lorrai known at that time KurtZ/Alkalyne. I discover his creation with the PC TEAM Magasine. He is the original author of the song “Le Jardin des Salades“. (https://lapinic.wordpress.com/)

My sister Marie Martin that have made the second voices in “Le Jardin des salades“.

And finally Charles Gillon that have printed the original color cover in 1999 with his brand new Deskjet Color !

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