HTML Quest

HTML Quest

There are around 20 years now i’ve discovering “Chiptunes”. In 1995, i’ve sampled my GameBoy to make some tune sounding like that, but at that time i don’t know about the rules of chipuntes, making musics with a tracker and so tiny looped instrument that sounds like that. I discovered that technics with Internet on Orange Juice and Demoscene and espcially on the Rez chiptunes website. So i’ve learned the rules and became also a chiptuners in the early new millenium years as cyb0rgjeff !

In january 2001, i’ve finished a complete CD album of chiptunes music called “HTML Quest”, the song i’ve presented at the Inscene 2K. This original album include personnal chiptunes creation, some cover of Giana Sisters or Abba but also so Chiptunes of my brother Pype, my friend Pierrick and Tbob.

So after releasing “Super CJ Land” in december 2013, i had in mind to re-distribue this album, but some original files was corrupted. And i need to grab it from multi original written CDs.

Why not just re-rendering it from Impulse Tacker ? Because those original version have been masterised in year 2000 with some FX of the brand new Sound Blaster Life i’ve winnen at the Inscene 2K. Adding some reverb and chorus on those pure sounds that  more


released January 31, 2001

Tracks written by Pierre ‘Cyborg Jeff’ MARTIN

track 4. original tune written with Pierrick HANSEN
track 9. original tune from the game Giana Sisters – C64 written by Chris HUELSBECK
track 13. original tune from the game Prehistorik – PC written by Christophe FEVRE
track 15. original tune from Liquido
track 17. original tune written by Pierrick HANSEN
track 18. original tune written by Abba
track 19. original tune written by Solomon LINDA

including Bonus tunes from Redo From Start project. Sylvain MARTIN, Pierrick HANSEN and Pierre MARTIN have been recoded in chiptune mode some classic C64 tunes : Giana Sisters (Chris Huelsbeck), Outrun, Hardball (Chris Huelsbeck) and Warhawk (Rob Hubbard)

Tunes written with Impulse Tracker
Mastering with Modplug Tracker and Sound Blaster Life
Creadream Sound Studio, 2001

Thanks to : Abba, Allergi, Al Najjir, Andromeda, Aspirine, Valentin ‘TBOB’ BOIGELOT, Raffaele BRANCALEONI, Canal J Benoit ‘MAF’ CHARCOSSET, Dalezy, Dallas, Drealmer, Thierry DUBOIS, Ericsson, Christophe FEVRE, Alain GILLON, Pierrick HANSEN, Rob HUBBARD, Chris HUELSBECK, Tadashi KIMIJIMA (Bubble Bobble), Christian LEMASSON, Antony LESUISSE, Solomon LINDA, Liquido, Liquid Paarsite, Logic Dream, Sylvain ‘Pype’ MARTIN, Laurent ‘Parmy’ MAZZAPICCHI, Gaëtan ‘Gédéon’ de MENTEN, Midam, Julie MONARD, Frédéric ‘Moby’ MOTTE, Nintendo, Gustaf OLOFSONN, Pow Wow, Christophe ‘REZ’ Resigne, Didier ‘Hunter’ ROMBAUTS, Romeo Knight, Scorpik, Tommy TALLARICO (Cool Spot), Jessica ‘Athena’ THIRION, Ramiro VACA, Vivien VANOIRBEEK, Xenon, Yota La Tanche, Zeelan, Zorg

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