20 years ago, in september 1998, i finished my 4rd Cyborg Jeff’s music album : Eyes Dreams with my friend Valentin Boigelot. Those album was cutted in two main part. One classic one with Dance/Trance track and a second one with so different songs i called “Cyborgelis”.

Those meleodic tracks were a new step in my musical creation and have now a special taste of Cyborg Jeff’s year 1998. A year with songs worked around my new synthesizer Roland E68, what i was able to do with it and Impulse Tracker but also an new sight and ears on musical world during my first years at the IAD institude with my friend and pianist Didier Rombauts. Finally it was also tracks with the influence of modern Demoscene world i discovered through the magazine PC Fun and PC Team.

This album called “Cyborgelis” is for sure a reference to the electronic musician Vangelis as if those track will not have the same mood and sounds. But anyway, those music sounds different, what i called “New Age” and that’s what have inspirated myself for that name in 1998.

So today, it’s time to celebrate the 20 years of the Album Eyes Dreams and i finally thinked it would be interessant to have two different albums. I’ve fist remastered those selection of music originaly written with Impulse Tracker II on my PC Cyrix 133mhz and for sure you’ll also be able to download the original .IT files.

Those remastering work was more important than what i do on my older anniversary album. I’ve exported all the instruments on each songs separetly with Open Modplug Tracker (thanks Elmobo for the tricks) and was able to make the job with Reaper with good advices of Spaneo.

Today i’m proud to share with you that work and letting you (re)discover those sounds, those little songs i’ve written 20 years ago.


released October 13, 2018

Songs written by Pierre MARTIN (Cyborg Jeff)
with Thierry DUBOIS, Sylvain MARTIN, Vivien VANOIRBEEK

Written with Impulse Tracker II on a PC Cyril 166mhz – 8>16mo of memory
Using a Roland E68, Casio keyboard, GEM keyboard and Roland DM7

Produced by :
Original Edition from the main selection on Eyes Dreams, Creative Sound Studio – Imecom September 1998
Re-Mastered and Edited by Quena Sound, October 2018

Thanks to : Thierry DUBOIS, Valentin ‘Tbob’ BOIGELOT, Marie MARTIN, Sylvain ‘Pype’ MARTIN, Laurent ‘Parmy’ MAZZAPICCHI, Didier, Julie MONARD, ‘Hunter’ ROMBAUTS, Xavier SADZOT, Carine SERON, Yoann ‘Spaneo’ SIRENNE, Anne TRAPLETTI, Vivien VANOIRBEEK, Cédric VANRUTTEN.

Inspirations : B-Art, Luc BAIWIR, Benoit ‘MAF’ CHARCOSSET, Mélanie COHL, Confetti’s, Louis De Funès, Céline DION, Lara FABIAN, Laurent GARNIER, Inner World’s theme, Jean-Michel JARRE, Lâam, Monkey Island’s theme from Michael LAND, Raymon Lefèvre, Madraseus, Mystic Quest, Pour la Gloire, Reiki Music, Sash!, Titanic theme, Van Halen.

Support : Simon ‘Tog’ BOIGELOT, Rudy BOIGELOT, Damien ‘Poutrelle’ BRUINDONCKX, Damien DEVILLE, Romuald DISPA, Claire GILLES, Pierrick HANSEN, François HUBAUX, Delphine JACQMARD, François ‘DJAFAR’ JANSSEN, Rudy ‘KLR’ KLEIN, La Salamandre G.R.S. Seraing, Julie LIBIN, Jean-Denis ‘JedD’ MAGIS, Nadine MARTIN, Daniel MARTIN, Cédric OTTE, Antoine ‘Toon’ REECKMANS, Stef & Gigi, Jessica THIRION, Sébastien VALENTI.

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